About Us

About Our Company

Welcome to the Tie Dye Temple! I'm Tom.

I've been doing tie dye for over 27 years and we have some of the best quality tie dyed goods that you can find. I personally dye every item here so our consistency and quality is unmatched.

A Bit of History

It all started back in 1988 in Fort Collins, Colorado in Shad Bruno's apartment. We experimented in trial and error exploring the ancient art of tie-dye.

In 1990-1992 I learned many tricks and secrets in tie-dye working for a long-time fiber artist named James Finnegan at Blue Parrot Fiber Arts. He owned a little store in Old Town Fort Collins where we would tie dye and sell everything from shoelaces to hats.

In 1992 I packed up and headed out to Southern California, selling at places like Venice Beach, fairs, and music festivals, and have tie-dyed and printed shirts for schools, summer camps, teams and events such as Earth Day, Charity Walks, and the Fourth of July.

Then came along the Internet so I decided to build a website and have been online since 2000.